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New mathcentre resources have been contributed to the Community project.   Find out more.....


mathcentre has evolved to become a well-used and valued online drop-in centre for mathematics resources.  Find out more about who used mathcentre in 2013/14 and which were the most popular resources.


Numbas revision and diagnostic exercises for students on basic and other topics in mathematics are accessible from mathcentre.  

Maths eg is an open-access formative assessment system made available to the mathcentre Community Project by Brunel university  Find out more.....  

mathcentre offers mathematics support materials, free of charge, to students, lecturers and everyone looking for post-16 maths help.  We have several types of resources to help you:

  Quick Reference Leaflets icon Quick Reference leaflets - key topics in a nutshell - brief and easily accessible resources

  Mathtutor video tutorials icon mathtutor Video tutorials - watch and listen to a tutor working through important topics

  Teach-yourself booklets icon Teach Yourself booklets - written to accompany the videos, these provide in-depth treatment of important topics, with theory, worked examples and exercises

  Practice and revision booklets icon Practice & Revision booklets - hundreds of practice exercises with answers covering important topics in algebra and calculus

  On-line diagnostic tests icon On-line Test Yourself diagnostics - on specific topics to enable you to gauge your competency and decide whether further work is required

  On-line exercises icon On-line Test Yourself exercises - with answers provided, to enable you to practice key techniques

  STACK iconon-line exercises and fully worked solutions generated from the STACK computer-assisted assessment system and linked directly from selected Teach Yourself booklets

   iPod video segments icon iPOD Video segments - short video clips that you can download to your video iPod for support on the move

  3GP mobile phone downloads icon 3GP Mobile Phone downloads - short video clips that you can download to your mobile phone

  Facts & Formulae Leaflets icon Facts & Formulae Leaflets - electronic versions of the very popular leaflets distributed by the Higher Education Academy MSOR Subject Centre

 Motivating Mathematics icon Motivating Mathematics - videos showing practical applications of mathematics in everyday life

 Staff Resources - a selection of case studies, resource packs, links to key reports and research on mathematics support, and other valuable resources for staff who offer mathematics support  

Help on how to use mathcentre can be found under FAQ

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