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Motivating Mathematics (1)

Resource type Force and motion - Mike Savage
This extension video mathstutor discusses Newton's second law of motion. This resource is released under a Creative Commons license Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works and the copyright is held by Skillbank Solutions Ltd.

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Resource type Conservation of momentum
This leaflet introduces the concept of conservation of momentum in both one and two dimensions.
Resource type Constant acceleration equations
This leaflet deals with objects moving with constant acceleration.
Resource type Conversion of units
On occasions it is necessary to convert from one system of units to another. This leaflet explains how this is done.
Resource type Displacement-time and Velocity-time graphs
This leaflet explains how graphs can be used to describe mathematical models of motion.
Resource type Equations of motion
This resource covering equations of constant acceleration has been contributed to the mathcentre Community Project by Josh Simpson and reviewed by Leslie Fletcher, Liverpool John Moores University.
Resource type Equilibrium of a particle
This leaflet deals with resolving forces.
Resource type Force as a Vector
This leaflet deals with forces as vectors.
Resource type Force Diagrams
This leaflet deals with force diagrams.
Resource type Forces acting at an angle - resolving forces
This leaflet explains how a force can be split into two perpendicular components.
Resource type Forces acting at an angle (with friction)
This leaflet introduces friction into the analysis of the effect of forces on bodies.
Resource type Friction
This leaflet introduces friction forces.
Resource type Impact and momentum - definition and units
This leaflet introduces the concepts of impact and momentum.
Resource type Introduction to mechanics
This leaflet explains the terms statics and dynamics and provides basic introductory material.
Resource type Motion due to gravity
This leaflet introduces gravitational force.
Resource type Newton's first law of motion
This leaflet introduces the first of the laws of motion.
Resource type Newton's second law of motion
This leaflet introduces Newton's second law of motion
Resource type Newton's third law of motion
This leaflet introduces Newton's third law of motion.
Resource type Parallel forces acting together
In this leaflet we consider the resultant force when several parallel forces act.
Resource type Particle on a slope (with friction)
This leaflet analyses particles on slopes in the presence of friction.
Resource type Particles on a slope
When resolving forces, the directions generally taken are horizontal and vertical. However, there are situations when it is better to consider other directions for resolving. This leaflet explains how this is done.
Resource type Pulleys
This leaflet considers problems involving pulleys.
Resource type Resolving forces - i, j notation
This leaflet deals with resolving forces, using the I, j notation.
Resource type Simplifying mechanics modeling
This leaflet deals with simplifying mechanics modeling.
Resource type Types of Force
This leaflet explains the various types of force which are commonly found when studying the motion of physical bodies.
Resource type Units and prefixes
This leaflet summarises the SI system of units and commonly used prefixes.