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Resource type Constant acceleration equations
This leaflet deals with objects moving with constant acceleration.
Resource type Displacement-time and Velocity-time graphs
This leaflet explains how graphs can be used to describe mathematical models of motion.
Resource type Equilibrium of a particle
This leaflet deals with resolving forces.
Resource type Introduction to mechanics
This leaflet explains the terms statics and dynamics and provides basic introductory material.
Resource type Simplifying mechanics modeling
This leaflet deals with simplifying mechanics modeling.

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Resource type Maths EG Teacher Interface
The teacher interface for Maths EG which may be used for computer-aided assessment of maths, stats and numeracy from GCSE to undergraduate level 2. These resources have been made available under a Creative Common licence by Martin Greenhow and Abdulrahman Kamavi, Brunel University. Teachers need to register (top right of screen) and thereafter login to use the system, after which they may use it to compose their own tests by selecting (specifically or randomly) questions from the entire database of questions. Instructions are available from the title page.

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