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Resource type evaluation of mathematics support centres - a review of the literature (sigma)
This sigma guide reviews published literature concerning the evaluation of mathematics support centres. There is a growing body of research studies, which have looked into a number of areas such as: the establishment of a MSC; the usage of MSCs and mechanisms for recording usage data; feedback from students and staff and ways to collect this; effects on achievement, pass rates and retention rates; and the prevalence of MSCs in the higher education sector. More recently researchers have begun to examine the effects of MSCs on undergraduatesâ?? mathematics learning experiences and mathematical confidence, and to address issues concerning students who are â??at riskâ?? or underachieving and not engaging with the facilities offered by their MSC. This report reviews and synthesises all the available published research evidence so that informed decisions can be made about the value of mathematics support activity and the targeting of future funding.
Resource type Gathering student feedback on mathematics and statistics support provision - A guide for those running mathematics support centres (sigma)
This sigma guide has been written for those who are responsible for managing mathematics support centres. It is the culmination of a project involving staff from many support centres around the UK. Authored by Dr David Green, Mathematics Education Centre, Loughborough University, it contains a wealth of advice and information for those who want to gather student feedback, and contains examples of forms which are currently being used.
Resource type Good Practice in the Provision of Mathematics Support Centres (LTSN)
A second edition of the popular LTSN funded guide for those interested in the establishment and development of Mathematics Support Centres in universities and other institutes of higher education. Authors: Lawson, D., Croft, A.C. and Halpin, M.
Resource type mathematics learning support in UK higher education - the extent of provision in 2012 (sigma)
This sigma guide reports on a survey conducted in 2012 to deteremine the number of UK universities that offer some form of mathemathics support and the nature of their provision.
Resource type Setting up a maths support centre (HE STEM)
The focus of this HE STEM guide is to provide mathematics support to students across all STEM disciplines to ease the transition from School/College in to University. This is a key factor influencing drop-out from STEM degrees and a targeted provision for mathematics support is a proven way to counter this. It includes cases studies from the Universities of Coventry, Portsmouth, York. Lincoln and Kent and articulates the experiences of the two Sigma Directors Professor Duncan Lawson, Coventry University and Professor Tony Croft, Loughborough University joint winners of the 2011 Times Higher Award for Outstanding Support for Students
Resource type Tutoring in a Mathematics Support Centre - A Guide for Postgraduate Tutors (sigma)
This sigma Guide is written for postgraduate students who are working in, or who want to work in, mathematics support centres. It distils the wisdom of seven people, who have many years of experience in mathematics education and in the work of support centres, into a practical resource for postgraduate students. In addition, it contains activities which can be used during training sessions to simulate working in a mathematics support centre. The guide is edited by Tony Croft and Michael Grove and authored by A.C.Croft, J.W.Gillard, M.J.Grove, J.Kyle, A.Owen, P.C.Samuels and R.H.Wilson.