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Resource type An Audit of Mathematical Support Provisions in Irish Third Level Institutes
A report on an audit of 13 Irish institutions providing mathematics learning support and the various structure/types of mathematics support they offer conducted by CEMTL and compiled by Olivia Gill, John O'Donoghue and Paddy Johnson.
Resource type Making Mathematics Count
Adrian Smith's inquiry into post-14 mathematics education. (2004) There is a accompanying video 'The need for maths - Adrian Smith'
Resource type Responding to the Mathematics Problem : The Implementation of Institutional Support Mechanisms
This volume arose from a conference, 'Addressing the Quantitative Skills Gap: Establishing and Sustaining Cross-Curricular Mathematical Support in Higher Education', held at the University of St Andrews in 2007. The aim of that conference, and of this volume of collected essays, is to explore the logistics and economics of establishing and sustaining institution-wide mathematics support provision. We explore a range models for delivering mathematical support accommodating an even wider range of budgets. Additionally, we identify how universities can call upon their maths support provision to demonstrate that they are addressing institutional agendas including quality enhancement, employability and skills, the first year experience, flexible delivery, retention, and the student learning experience. Looking to the future we note how mathematics support has broadened from its original focus on the STEM subjects and discuss how emerging technologies are being exploited for its provision.